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You are invited to a patient meeting to find out about the new Melbourne Grove and Hambleden Practice.

  • Wednesday 15th May at 6:30pm at The Hambleden Practice Denmark Hill, Blanchedowne, London, SE5 8HL

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What is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is an experienced registered nurse who, in addition to their 3 years of general nurse training, has undertaken a further course of advanced nursing study to either undergraduate degree level or alternatively at Masters Degree level. These education courses typically last between 2-3 years and cover areas such as clinical examination, physiology, medical diagnosis, pharmacology, and prescribing. In medical clinics across the UK nurse practitioners are providing services which were previously only done by general practitioner doctors, including the prescribing of a wide range of medicines.

Nurse practitioners are qualified to see patients with undifferentiated and undiagnosed medical problems, and to make a detailed assessment of their health care needs, based on their combined medical and nursing knowledge, including clinical skills that you may not have not traditionally associated with nurses, such as history taking, physical examination, diagnosis, and prescribing of medicines. Nurse practitioners can also directly refer patients to clinical specialists, such as hospital consultants.

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